roofscape extension


The foundation of the design is shaped by large polycarbonate planes. The build extension is characterized trough high and bright areas on the 1st floor, and a more closed volume with – relative to the 1st floor – a low ceiling. The panorama elevator and a direct connection from the top floor of the original building brings you up in the extension.
The extension works very transparent and light trough the bright colours and the many transparent planes, this makes the building not only very “open”, but also very accessible for both visitor and user.

The 1st floor of the building’ extension is designed and open for more purposes as the regular bar/café. The big area makes it possible to organize various events; from parties to seminars or lectures. The open area melts over in an outdoor area on the southwest.
The ground floor of the building’ extension has a more closed character with much less sunlight. Bureau units for studying, computers and small discuss tables are present. Besides the old fashioned lecture possibilities for live music rooms like piano and turntables are available.